FG Capital Management, Ltd. is an investment firm that invests in and manages assets in special and distressed situations. Its principals have nearly thirty years of experience with special situations and alternative or distressed investments, particularly those involving litigation or potential litigation or the liquidation of esoteric assets. They have designed and executed hundreds of international transactions and managed assets in a variety of litigation-based environments, including sovereign debt claims (through FG Hemisphere Associates, a special-purpose vehicle managed by FG Capital) and litigation claims in Brazil (in partnership with a Brazilian asset manager)

Significant activities over the years have included:

Organizing and financing an auto finance business in Poland

Managing bondholders involved in the reorganization of a Bulgarian steel mill

Liquidation of residual assets from an acquired Brazilian Bank

Purchase and liquidation of assets out of Brazilian bankruptcies

Managing debt repurchase programs

Managing litigation across five continents involving hundreds of millions of dollars of fixed income claims

Establishing and overseeing a fund of litigation claims in Brazil

Creation and oversight of firm that investigates financial and legal improprieties by countries, corporations and individuals

Peter Grossman, FG Capital's Managing Director, practiced law from 1983 to 1987 until he joined the emerging markets team at Shearson Lehman Brothers where he was responsible for its structured transactions around the world. In 1990, his group joined Morgan Stanley to establish its fixed income emerging markets unit. Grossman was responsible there for the group's specialized transactions and its investments throughout Latin America. In 1993, Grossman formed Centaur International Corporation with others from Morgan Stanley, which company became FG Capital Management, Ltd. in 2000.

Grossman received his B.A. in English (Honors) from McGill University and his J.D. (cum laude) from The Cornell University School of Law.